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Innovation Time is an initiative at meltmedia that encouraged individuals and self-formed teams to spend limited working hours creating virtually anything. Having recently organized a team-building hunt for the company, our team sought to address the pain points and logistical difficulties involved with running a large-scale photo scavenger hunt. The result is Uniquest, a hunt facilitation app.

Lighting fast feedback

The process of validating submissions and providing feedback in a photo scavenger hunt is traditionally tedious and clunky. Leveraging notifications and a consolidated feed for all queued images, Uniquest streamlines the review process and makes it easy for moderators and participants to focus on fun instead of logistics.

Laser focus

Thoughtfully considered interfaces means everyone can keep their eye on the prize. Participants focus on missions, photo submissions, and the leaderboard as they compete to win. Moderating is easy with simple submission reviews and in-app messaging, and automated release of timed missions and other time-based mechanisms.