UX, UI, product design, visual design


Parchment is a platform that helps learners, educators, and employers securely send and receive credentials online. meltmedia was tasked to reimagine the existing student sign up flow, and design a robust desktop dashboard geared towards high school-aged users. Our aim was to provide additional content and value to students during the college and university admissions process.

Bring 'em on

Due to a lengthy sign-up experience that observed high drop-off rates, Parchment's flow needed retooling. We rationalized and eliminated non-essential fields, implemented client-side validation, and populated user dashboards in the background as users provided information and proceeded through the sign up flow. Instant gratification.

Crunching numbers

To humanize the data population process occurring as users progress through the sign up flow, I designed a fun little animation to lead users through those steps. Grades 10 through 12 being the heaviest users of Parchment, a cute but decidedly unchildish robot was the way to go.

A comprehensive dashboard

As a value-add to student users, Parchment offers unique data-driven features—such as acceptance chances and college matchups—as well as a comprehensive college preference list and lively discussion board. The redesigned dashboard consolidates these features, and encourages students to keep coming back.


Ryan House